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January 23, 2010

I love this one!

Awesome or what??

Cute! At least I think it is... (smiling)

Cute huh?

New Moon

It was very good, 5 stars simply because that was my fave Twilight book. I loved the movie, it was fun! What did you think???

My music Playlist on my sidebar

Man. Every song on there is 5 stars!!!!!!! I D K why but I just love them, I think its just wonderful, music anyhow! Thank you all 4 following me btw. I have 5 followers! JoY! Thanks again! COOL! Sorry this wasnt very long, but uh yea,

November 13, 2009

Trading Faces

Trading Faces by: Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy
I recommend this book to EVERY GIRL OUT THERE!!! I luv it SOOOOOO much! I really think this book is fantastic. That's my opinion! Trading Faces is about two twins, Payton and Emma who are starting 7th grade. Payton; being the cool sister, tries to fit in w/ the popular kids. And Emma being the Smart twin and outcast, wants to be the quiet achiever. One day at lunch Payton gets embarrassed when she's trying to protect her sister from all the insults she's hearing, when she stands up to leave she spills her food on a popular football player Ox. So she BEGS her sister to trades places. So they start living each others lifes! Can quiet smart Emma be her popular social fashionable twin? Can Payton be a smart, quiet, over achiever??? Find out in Trading faces! by: Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy.

***** 5 stars!

That's my MWview!

Miley Cyrus

Eh. Uh.... *** 3 stars. She's not one of my faves. No offense to fans. I just dont get why everyone LOVES her. She'd so ordinary. =( I just... Uh. I just dont like her. Sorry. usually I have a GOOD review. Now it's BAD, sorry. Eh. I guess she's **** 4 in stead of three. AT MOST! =)

And thats my MWveiw!

November 12, 2009

Taylor Swift

I LOVE HER! She's amazing! Soooooo talented! She's beautiful too! ***** 5 stars ALLLLL the way. In fact... I'm listening to her right now. I think she is the best country artist EVER! =) Who agrees? Disagrees? Neutral? Who just doesn't care. lol. WAIT DON'T ANSWER THAT! Taylor swift= ***** 5 stars!


I think friendship is all about being there for each other and caring! My true life representation of the perfect Friendship is my BFF Sadi Field, I couldn't live without her... I luv ya Sadi!
xoxo, Me!

Mitchel Musso

I think he's great. His music is definitely Disney. But it's fun. That's why I enjoy him so much! I think you should listen to him. ALL of you! =) **** 4 stars

Read this... I LUV this too.

Luv this, luv the meaning. aw. nice. This is my MWview of my life sometimes. =)


This kinda thing really gets me. I love these little ICONS that say messeges. So cute.
Sorry off subject